Best Cloud Telephone Systems in Australia

Best Cloud Telephone Systems in Australia

You, as a business owner, understand the significance of the best cloud telephone systems in maintaining contact with clients and employees. The difference between a thriving company and one that lags behind the competition often comes down to the efficiency of its systems.

The best Cloud telephone systems have many benefits that should be considered when making a final decision. They can significantly improve your communication in many ways, from saving money to making your system more scalable.

Our goal here is to help you find the best cloud telephone systems for your company. With this information in hand, you can make an informed decision that will benefit your company and result in a dependable communication system for years to come.


A lot of people consider 8X8 to be the “best cloud telephone systems service” in the world. Cloud-based PSTN, local numbers, global dialing plans, and emergency services are all available to 88 Work customers in 56 countries and territories. This is accomplished through a unified interface for cloud-based voice, video conferencing, and team chats across desktop, mobile, and web platforms.

In its capacity as a cloud contact center, 8X8 facilitates multiple ways for customers to get in touch with a company, including but not limited to email, social media, phone, and live chat. The variety of products and business communication options offered by the 8X8 contact center contributed to its initial appeal and continues to entice new customers.

Conversations with people can be accessed quickly and easily, whether they are coworkers using the same phone system or a different chat app. A complete cloud-based contact center solution for facilitating voice and digital communication and collaboration with clients, customers, and employees.

with a wide range of customization options Even though 8X8 can be customized for businesses of any size, it still provides many advantages as a cloud phone service for companies of all sizes. When it comes to business phone systems, 8X8 is unique in that it allows customers to combine different plans to create a customized option for their company’s various departments and teams.

Users can create individualized plans and features to meet their specific business requirements. Products are scaled to work with any business, so you can rest assured that your phone setup will be perfect no matter how big or small your company is. 8×8’s core phone services, which include many of our favorite extras, are included in all of their plans by default.

8X8’s low-cost insurance options

The best cloud Telephone systems services hosted in the cloud make it simpler for companies to expand or contract in response to fluctuating customer demand. GoToConnect is a rival to 8×8 VoIP that also supports video and chat in addition to traditional phone calls.

Until now, there hasn’t been a cloud communications provider that could provide local direct numbers, toll-free numbers, calling plans, and local 911 service to multinational organizations, but with the addition of Indonesia and Thailand, 8X8 is the first to do so.

Users in 50 countries can take advantage of the Microsoft-certified 8×8 Contact Center for Microsoft Teams, in addition to the 8×8 Voice for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing solution.

Cisco WebEx

When it comes to the best cloud telephone systems, video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars, Cisco’s Webex is the gold standard. The collaboration tools offered by Cisco WebEx are web-based and stored in the cloud. Cisco Spark is a team collaboration tool that is included in this bundle along with the web conferencing platform WebEx Teams, WebEx Meetings, and WebEx Devices.

An integral part of Cisco’s Webex Platform, Webex Calling is a hosted telephony solution that allows users to make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, and access voicemail from any internet-connected device. With Webex Calling, customers can use Webex Gateways to establish a connection between their on-premises PSTN service and the Webex cloud.

Cisco Webex Calls connects to Webex Calling-enabled IP phones, allowing users to make and receive calls from within the Webex Teams App or to use the App as a controller for their IP phones. Depending on your needs, you can replace or supplement your current PBX and video solutions with Webex Calling, the best cloud telephone systems app.

This new cloud-based feature of Webex Calling is based on Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager. Through the use of the Dedicated Instance for Webex Calling, you can easily migrate your existing Unified Communications Manager and on-premises PBX to the cloud.

Support for legacy Cisco endpoints, on-premises failover solutions, and preexisting integrations with critical enterprise workflows are all made possible with Dedicated Instance, which is built on top of Webex Calling and makes use of Webex Platform services.

With Webex Calling, you can make VoIP calls over the cloud to a wide variety of Cisco phones and other endpoints, including computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Supporting the communications needs of a more dispersed workforce and lowering the costs associated with acquiring, managing, and maintaining on-premises systems have made solutions like the company’s Webex Calling Platform essential.

Companies can save time and money by using the best cloud telephone systems, which bundle multiple types of communication into one convenient package. This includes visually rich formats like video, which promote more organic and fruitful interactions between participants. When combined with other cloud-based applications, cloud-based calling solutions offer enhanced management and customization options for voice communications.

With the best cloud telephone systems, businesses no longer need to rely on their service provider for routine tasks like setting up new devices. Despite the fact that the best cloud telephone systems are still met with some skepticism, the advantages offered by such a calling solution are too great for businesses to ignore.

In total, Cisco claims that over 39 million people around the world take advantage of cloud calls hosted on the Cisco Webex platform and the Cisco Partner Ecosystem. Included in Cisco Webex Calling out of the box are common Cloud-PBX functions like Call Pickup, Hunt Groups, Music On Hold, Call Transfer, and

Voicemail multiple Sclerosis Groups

Messages left as voicemails are transcribed to text and made available in a Microsoft Exchange inbox. Microsoft Teams’ cloud-based call-handling features shine when an important call needs to be escalated. Using Microsoft Teams’ built-in Call feature, the hyper-collaboration platform can be used as a cloud-based phone system for smaller enterprises.

Your staff will appreciate the ease with which they can transition from individual to group calling, as well as between audio and video via screen sharing, thanks to the VoIP phone system’s integration with Microsoft Teams features.

Incorporating Microsoft 365 Business Voice into Microsoft Teams has made it one of the most capable best cloud- telephone systems available. You may already be using Microsoft’s cloud-based Teams and Outlook, and you may have heard that Office 365 includes a phone system option that could consolidate all of your current methods of contact into a single hub.

Users of the phone system can make and receive calls using any number of IP phones that are compatible with Microsoft Teams, as well as their mobile devices or computer headsets. Any Internet-connected device, such as a computer, landline phone, mobile phone, or tablet, can be used to make and receive calls through the same best cloud telephone systems as if it were a traditional office phone. For some workers, the introduction of a company-wide Slack channel or Microsoft Teams has provided much-needed instantaneous communication.

The best cloud telephone Systems routes call internally, bypassing the PSTN entirely, so internal calls within your company are free of long-distance charges. Hybrid workplaces benefit greatly from a fully functional business phone system that can be accessed from anywhere, regardless of whether employees work from home or in an actual office.

To put it plainly, Microsoft’s best cloud telephone systems service integrates in-office meetings with remote calls, all within the familiar Teams app. Using the Microsoft Cloud Analytics Dashboard, you can have compliant and safe phone conversations with business partners. By default, Microsoft 365 Business Voice will provide users with a phone system, domestic calling plan, and audio conferencing capabilities. To assign phone numbers, navigate to the voice section of the administration center via the left navigation panel.

Call queuing, call forwarding, voicemail, carryover, an auto-attendant that can be set for in-office, out-of-office, and holidays, call parking, call blocking, group call picking, and call delegation are all features available to businesses using the Microsoft Teams best cloud telephone systems.

Definition of Team Features Used in Business Phones In order to facilitate calls to specific business users or departments within your organization, Auto Attendants Cloud Auto Attendants allows you to construct a menu system. While calls between Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams users are free, enabling users to make calls from their personal phones requires the purchase of a calling plan if they do not already subscribe to a voice service provider.

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